Good deal at SFO terminal 2 This Harvest Special Pizza was exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price. Located at Napa Farm Fresh or something, the name was weird. This thin crust pizza for 9.95… Continue reading

Neglect at the Mall

I’m just sitting around at Dolphin Mall in Doral, Fl when i see this toddler layin on the filthy floor while his brother lifts him by his feet. I looked around for his… Continue reading

View from the top

This is the view I had working as the security guard/ public safety officer at one of two guard gates at Pepperdine’s Malibu Campus. Life’s tough, my friends.

5lb Burrito in Los Angeles: Not LA’s best burrito though

El Tepayac Cafe, located in East LA, Los Angeles county is home to this five pound burrito with a length of about 18 inches.  Needless to say, I took most of it home.… Continue reading

Fun with South Florida, use of aloe vera, and how to ask about a person’s culture and geographical heritage

My thoughts as I walk around my yard . . . Oh how I’ve missed South Florida . . . When it’s summer in the tri county area, there’s about a 85 percent chance… Continue reading

Huy Fong Siracha: When hot sauce becomes your gateway drug, this is crack

 Some people try hot sauce and hate it. This does not apply to you. Unless you try indian food and love it, most people start with the common hot sauce such as tabasco… Continue reading

Bees Today

That was yesterday, bees are back today.  Smoke worked as well as Kofi Annans Syrian 6 point peace plan. Fox news speculates these bees will soon attack Israeli settlements.